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      Cleanliness Inspector and Analysis System
      Cleanliness Inspector and Analysis System

      Createdate:2019-8-21 9:14:09

      Cleanliness Inspector and Analysis Systemintroduce

      1、Highly integrated automatic analysis system

      Fullyintegrated imported microscope, imported digital equipment, imported XYZ-3 axiselectric scanning platform; Project management, process operation. It candetect part cleanliness, oil cleanliness, iron spectrum particle statistics,etc.

      2、Auto Scan,SupportMultiple Scanning Area

      Rectangular area, circular area, etc.; tomeet the needs of various applications; at the same time can measure partcleanliness, oil cleanliness, iron spectrum analysis. Professional fixtures areprovided to make the sample flatter.

      3、MultipleAutomatic Focus Algorithm

      Support multiple focus modes: compensationfocus, tracking focus, manual focus, EFI focus, etc. Adopt the latest focusingalgorithm to ensure a clear image even when the sample is not flat enough;

      4、Automatic Camera and Field Position

      The photographing process automaticallytakes pictures, the photos are automatically saved, the progress status isvisible in real time; the photo information is stored in the database forconvenient query; the field view image browsing function is provided, and thefunctions of backtracking and re-photographing of the field of view can berealized.

      5、Multi TestingStandard

      Support a variety of international anddomestic standards, including ISO16232, ISO4406, ISO4407, NAS1638, VDA19,STD4189, GB/T20082, GB/T14039, etc.; support user-defined rating standards.Support metal, non-metal, fiber particle identification statistics; supportparticle height measurement.

      6、Automaticanalysis of reflective particles, non-reflective particles, fibers

      The system automatically analyzes theparticles, and can simultaneously detect non-reflective particles andreflective particles (generally metal particles) and fibers. Three types ofparticles are automatically checked and classified. Supports the setting of qualifiedintervals for various particles. Support for customizing the distinguishingsettings of the three particles. Support shadow correction and improverecognition accuracy;

      7、Supportssuper-large particles across the field of view, automatically corrects theoffset

      The system automatically analyzesparticles, automatically analyzes particle categories, and automatically countsparticle parameters. It also supports modifying particles. Provide a variety ofstatistical analysis tools: MAP map, particle list, statistical results,histograms, etc.;

      Automatically calibrate the scanning system.

      8、Statistics and Analysis The Analysis andStatistics system

      Statistics and Analysis The Analysis andStatistics system automatically identifies particles, automatically analyzesparticle categories, and automatically counts particle parameters. It alsosupports modifying particles. Provide a variety of statistical analysis tools:MAP map, particle list, statistical results, histograms, etc.;

      9、Reliableand secure data interaction

      All detected original images and statisticsare automatically stored for easy review whenever problems arise. All particledata can be quickly viewed, positioned, and sorted. Support administrators toperform particle data correction to solve special particle and aggregateparticle identification problems.

      10、 ProfessionalCleanliness Report

      Supports templated report generation mode,including statistics, ratings, filter maps, maximum particle photos, etc.; avariety of reporting modes can be selected.

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