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      Harness Terminal Measuring System
      Harness Terminal Measuring System

      Createdate:2019-8-21 9:35:46

      Harness Terminal Measuring Systemintroduce

      IMEXT WHT is a tailor-made product for the analysisof measuring harness terminals. IMEXT WHT is a powerful image processing andanalysis platform that combines image acquisition, image processing,measurement and analysis, and customizable reporting to increase productivity.Embedded advanced features: EFI, MIA, 3D surface display, scratch removal,automatic particle edge finding and more.

      Support for wire harness terminal measurement,built-in layer depth measurement, phase content analysis, particle and poreanalysis software package.

      IMEXT WHT is mainly used for the detection of wireterminals such as automotive electronics, and is also suitable for otherelectronic users.

      1、Software and hardware integration system

      The system is an integrated image system with functions of image acquisition, image processing, automatic identification and measurement, analysis and statistics, automatic report generation, and peripheral hardware control.

      2、Comprehensive harness measurement

      The quantitative analysis standards such asGB/JB/YB/ASTM/ISO/JIS/DIN are embedded, and all quantitative methods areclassified into four categories: layer depth measurement, phase content measurement,particle morphology analysis, and wire harness terminals.

      ● arness terminal measurement software package:harness compression ratio measurement; harness hole content measurement

      ● Layer depth measurement software package: depthdetermination of decarburization layer GB/T 224-1987; determination ofcarburized layer depth; length measurement (semi-automatic); microhardnessmeasurement; copper tube tooth profile measurement; length class parametermeasurement rating

      ● Area content software package: second phase areacontent measurement ASTM E 1245-1995; multiphase area content measurement ASTME 1245-1995; ferritic austenitic duplex stainless steel α-phase determinationGB/T 6401-1986; Determination of α-phase in stainless steel GB/T 13305-1991;determination of Sorbite content of wire rod YB/T 169-2000; manualdetermination of quantitative metallographic method GB/T 15749-1995; weld ofchromium-nickel austenitic stainless steel Ferrite measurement GB 1954-80; freeferrite content determination AMS 2315E-2001; area content class parametermeasurement rating

      ● Particle morphology analysis statistical softwarepackage: particle morphology analysis statistics; particle number densitydetermination; particle count (semi-automatic); micro-crack statistics

      3、Harnesscompression ratio measurement module

      The harness compression ratio measurement module isdesigned for the measurement analysis of the automotive wiring harness terminalprofile and automatically measures the harness compression ratio.

      4、Harnesshole measurement module

      The wire harness hole content measurement module isdesigned for the measurement and analysis of the automotive wire harnessterminal profile, and can automatically measure the hole area content in thewire harness.

      5、Batch image acquisition archive

      Realize the process of "real-time preview,fast capture, superimposed ruler, information annotation, identificationmeasurement, analysis and statistics, save archive" inspection process;provide multi-image batch processing functions such as batch photographing,batch labeling, batch saving, batch consolidation, etc. The process is moreconvenient and efficient.

      6、Powerful image processing and image correction

      Image enhancement, contrast adjustment, colorseparation, multi-channel color synthesis, image correction, scratch smearprocessing; image annotation, layer merging, image database; convenient rulertool.

      7、Superdepth of field observation (EFI)

      Powerful depth of field extension (EFI), whichbreaks through the depth of field of the optical microscope to obtain a clearview of the full field of view; supports stereo offset correction (offsetEFI);

      8、Volume Offset Correction Depth of Field Observation(OffsetEFI)

      For the special optical path of the stereoscopicmirror, the system automatically corrects the offset phenomenon in the stereoimaging to ensure the best effect of the depth of field expansion;

      9、Real-timedepth of field extension (LiveEFI)

      Intelligent real-time depth of field extension(LiveEFI), perfect operating experience; only need to adjust the focal length,the system automatically records clear areas, automatically achieve super depthof field photography.

      10、Large Field of View Image Acquisition (MIA)

      Automatic image stitching (MIA), which expands thefield of view of the microscope to obtain a smooth, over-large image;

      11、Real-time image stitching (LiveMIA)

      Intelligent real-time image stitching (LiveMIA),perfect operating experience, breaking the horizon limit. As long as the stageis moved, the system automatically records the scanned area and automaticallytakes a large field of view image without taking a picture.

      12、Target particle automatic edge finding (ATE)

      Automaticallyfind particle boundaries based on color differences;

      13、3D surface topography and 3Dmeasurement (3D)

      3D surface topography, surface detail, etc. (3DSurface); plus the AUTOZ module for 3D Measure. Such as: measuring the groovedepth in 3D mode;

      14、Professionalfixed and field setting function

      Real-time zoom preview, screen zoom display, fixedphoto print, fixed file save, fixed insertion report, fixed insertion intoWord/Excel, etc. Photos and reports of the corresponding multiples can beautomatically obtained based on inspection criteria and user settings. Such as75X, 300X, 400X, etc.

      Multiple mode field setting/cropping tools: rectangulararea, circular area, elliptical area, arbitrary shape area; arbitrary fieldsize, fixed photo size, fixed sample size. Such as: standard 80mm circularfield of view, 0.5mm2 standard field of view in inclusion detection.

      15、Layer depthand length measurement analysis

      Layer depth measurement is versatile. Includes avariety of deep, coated measurements. Decarburization, carburizing, andnitriding layer measurement. Martensitic needle length measurement, graphitelength measurement, and the like. It also supports multiple semi-automaticmeasurement rating modules such as grain size, inclusion size, and graphitesize.

      16、Phase content analysisfunction

      Automatically extract multiple tissues based oncolor information, expressed in different colors. Provide tools such asmorphological processing and image modification to achieve a perfectdistinction between organizations. The phase content is automatically measuredand reported. Widely used in various organizational phases: Paralympics,pearlite, ferrite, duplex stainless steel, etc.

      17、Automatic particle analysisand statistics

      Provide powerful particle analysis and statisticaltools. Automatic identification of particles, automatic measurement of particlesize, roundness, morphological characteristics and many other parameters.According to parameters

      Classification statistics, giving statisticalhistograms and reports.

      18、Graphic reporting system

      Support personalized analysis report templatedesign, automatically generate qualitative analysis report and quantitativeevaluation report.

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